Practical Computer Science

For admission, a student must have at least 35 credit points in the area of Practical Computer Science, among which there must be at least 18 credit points in Programming and Software Technology

Here are some examples of courses at TUD and NCFU which meet these requirements:

Courses at TUD Credits
Introductory Practical Course 4
Software Technology 6
Project Software Technology 6
Data Bases and Computer Networks 10
Operating Systems and Security 7
Hardware-Software-Codesign 6
Introduction to Media and Computer Science 5
Introduction to Computer Graphics 5
Courses at NCFU Credits
Programming Technologies 5
Visual programming 5
Parallel Programming 2
Database 4
Operating Systems 6
Information Security 4
Интернет технологии 6
Computer graphics 3
Software Engineering 8
Programming mobile devices 2
Designing of information systems 4